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The objective of DIERS is to offer the market a comprehensive biomechanical product portfolio for a holistic highly accurate analysis of the human body. In our product development, value is placed on interdisciplinary use by various profession groups such as orthopaedists, orthopaedic technicians, physical therapists, dentists, orthodontists, sports medicine specialists etc. Core expertise is not only the measurement of the spine in movement. DIERS has meanwhile become a worldwide market leader in the field of optical 3D/4D postural and motion analysis from head to toe.

Products and services

DIERS formetric 4D
Functional Measurement

  • with 3D Spine Model
  • exposure time: 20 msrecording frequency: 10 fps
  • recording sequence: up to 60 s
  • no need of reflecting markers for the reconstruction of the spine

DIERS 4D motion
This high-end version offers the same features as the DIERS formetric 4D, and in addition: 

  • A recording frequency of up to 60 fps makes it possible to visualize and analyze the complex motion pattern of the spine and pelvis under dynamic conditions for the first time

  • New clinical fields of application: e.g. sports medicine, performance diagnostics, training therapy

DIERS 4D motion Lab
The Compact Solution for Motion Analysis
The DIERS 4D motion is prepared for the simultanous measuring with the DIERS leg axis (Video Gait Analysis) and the DIERS pedogait (Treadmill with Integrated Pressure Plate).The result of these three measuring modalities is a compact solution for analysing the whole musculoskeletal system while Walking.

DIERS pedoscan

Foot and gait analysis

DIERS pedoscan allows the ananlysis of pressure distribution on the human foot captured and displayed quickly and precisely, in standing and Walking conditions

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DIERS formetric 4D

The DIERS formetric 4D analysis system permits rapid static and dynamic (functional) optical measurement of the human back and spine. The procedure is radiation-free and operates without contact. Numerous clinical parameters for objective analysis of body statics, posture, scoliosis, and all forms of spinal deformities can be shown. The new 4D technology leads into functional clinical measurement technology, to increase measurement precision (4D averaging) and to avoid postural variances.

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DIERS 4D motion LAB

The 4D motion® system for dynamic spine measurement is the key technology for the developement of the DIERS 4Dmotion®Lab. This motion laboratory allows the synchronized measurement of the whole musculoskeletal system in a small amount of space and with easy preparation.

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