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HEGA-Medical is a German manufacturer of cleaning and rinsing guns to clean medical instruments. Our pistols run with water & pressured air and are the perfect solution to rinse and wash cavities and hollows. With our 8 attachments including the luer lock adapter, the Dina and Nova rinsing guns can clean any rigid endoscope or flexible endoscope. Often seen in the central sterile services department (CSSD) for manual reprocessing or before the sterilization.

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HEGA-Medical product overview:

HEGA Rinsing Guns ensure with their good  controllability a highly satisfactory result regardless of whether cleaning with water or drying with air. Using different attachments, easy to attachable by hand. Even the most remote corners & cavities can be reached and cleaned. HEGA Rinsing Guns Dina and Nova have been designed and tested practice safe. Record, Luer Lock and many other tips are compatible for precise cleaning, washing and reprocessing of any medical instrument such as endoscope, bronchoscope etc.

Dina Rinsing Gun

Cleaning pistol for manual cleaning and reprocessing at the CSSD or ENT. Working with water, pressured air & demineralized water.
Available with reinforced PVC or stainless steel hose. The spray gun works with 8 different attachments.

Dina Cleaning Gun with 8 attachments for Water & Pressured Air

The aluminium Dina cleaning and rinsing gun is used for cleaning medical instruments. Known from the sterilization department in hospitals. The 8 attachments are srewless attachable to the gun by hand. Works up to 10 bar water & air pressure.

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Brush Set to use with Dina & Nova Rinsing Gun

Every brush has water pipe inside the brush so that in use with the Dina or Nova Cleaning Gun there is a continuous water & air flow circulating through the brush. The brushes are made out of Nylon and the thread is made of stainless steel. It is possible to dissemble the brushes by hand and sterilize them.

Washing Pistol / Gun for autopsy/ laboratory tables

Washing gun with different water spray patterns to clean big surfaces, Laboratories, stainless steel furniture, tables etc.

Widley used at the Autopsie, examination, pathology, veterinary medicine.

• Flow volume is presettable
• Spray pattern is in nitely adjustable from full to spray jet
• Ergonomically formed soft-rubber handle with locking device for continuous spraying
• Incl. cone for table or wall mount
• Incl. water connection set with either ½“ or ¾”

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