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About us

Prämeta won renown as a specialist in designing and manufacturing of high quality tourniquets for now more than 50 years. Doctors, nurses and laboratory personal all over the globe appreciate the easy handling of the devices made of high quality materials. The patients acknowledge the skin friendly and durable cotton fabric of the straps causing no allergic occurrences due to latex free elastic fibres. Taking into account the longevity of the products, the easiness of cleaning, sterilization and disinfection the devices make an economically sane investment.

Products and services

The product line of tourniquets is composed of following models:

  • The grey tourniquet 901
  • The green tourniquet 902
  • The Easy tourniquet 904
  • The children tourniquet
  • The emergency tourniquet 910 A
The grey tourniquet 901

Simple handling. High quality metal lock allows finely controlled decongestion. Skin-friendly, durable cotton fabric.

The green tourniquet 902

High quality metal lock in a modern design.
Buckle of high quality aluminium alloy allows separate and precisely adjustable decongestion. Skin-friendly, durable cotton fabric is latex-free and is autoclaveable

The Easy tourniquet 904

For blood sampling without loss of quality. Simplified vein puncture even with large cannulae. The vein is immobilised for sure puncture and cannulation.

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