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Capital Medh has emerged as a company with commercial representation and distribution of pharmaceutical technology to meet a current shortage in relation to the preparation and handling of sterile products.The initial objective was to present innovative solutions for the elaboration of extemporaneous Total Parenteral Nutrition, but this was extended to other applications such as reconstitution, fractionation of unit doses, filling of minibags, bottles, elastomeric pumps, syringes, among others.

Subsequently, it expanded its scope to distribute medicines and hospital medical products not only aimed at sales, but especially designed to meet the needs of customers, and especially in the post-sale with commitment, transparency and responsibility.

We aim to operate in the national and international market in partnership with multinational companies. We offer the exclusive sales and after sales service in the commercial demonstration of the product lines.

Products and services

Hemedis with its partner Capital Medh provides medical accessories with main focus on the preparation of total parenteral nutrition (TPN). With the well-established brands MIBMIX®, MiXi® and APAMIX® Hemedis offers high-level compounding technology safeguarding, accurate and traceable processing.

APAMIX® software simplifies the handling of prescriptions, the managing of drugs information and storage.

Using MIBMIX® compounders filling, mixing or transfers of liquids become easy, quick and reliable compounding processes.

The multifaceted MiXi® product range of sterile disposables includes mixing and infusion bags, tubing systems for compounding and a variety of other useful accessories to simplify the pharmaceutical production process.

For the handling of liquid media during biotechnological processes, storage or transport MiXi®Tec 2D and 3D Bags are available. MiXTec products are designed according to the specific demands of customers.

MIBMIX® full automated TPN compounders

MIBMIX®compounders meet the requirements of manifold application areas. Its flexible and versatile application spectrum, intelligent features, and intuitive software, make MIBMIX® compounders an essential tool in TPN preparation.
MIBMIX® compounders allow precise volumetric dosing with gravimetric control. Filling and weighing processes can be documented. The compounders support different operation systems by processing external preparations. Preparations can be selected with barcode readers.


MIBMIX® C1 mini compounders have the same functionality as MIBMIX C24 compounders. They meet the requirements of manifold application areas and are most suitable to prepare large amounts of aliquots out of one or more substances. MIBMIX® C1 mini compounders are equipped with USB-interface, network access, and interface for support of operation systems. They can be connected with certain types of printers and balances.

MiXi® Mixing and Infusion Bags

MiXi® Mixing and Infusion Bags are made of high-quality EVA, UV-protected EVA, or multilayer material with integrated barrier against oxygen, carbon dioxide, and UV light. MiXi® Bags are offered as single-chamber and multi-chamber bags. Single-chamber MiXi® Bags contain volumes from 50 ml up to 5,000 ml and can optionally be supplied with 3-way filling lines for gravity filling. A variety of chamber numbers and sizes are available for multi-chamber MiXi® Bags.

Capital Medh Importation Distribution And Commercial Representation
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