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For more than 111 years, GOSSEN METRAWATT develops and produces, Made in Germany, innovative and high-end, portable Test & Measurement instruments and software solutions.

GOSSEN METRAWATT combines safety with innovation and has made a decisive contribution to the evolution of measuring technology during this time. Safe use of electrical energy has always been at the core of our brand philosophy. Our customers appreciate measuring instruments, software and systems from GOSSEN METRAWATT, as they are especially safe to operate, reliable and economical, due to a very long lifetime.

We grow along with our customers, as well as with new tasks and perspectives, which continuously arise in the exciting field of measuring and test technology. Hence we consistently align our product development to our customer’s practical applications and support them with services, product & application support, project engineering, training and on-site assistance.

Products and services

SECULIFE is the brand name for high quality test instruments, to test medical devices.

The spectrum covered by SECULIFE includes test instruments for electrical safety, functional testers, patient simulators and light measuring instruments.

They are distinguished by reliable measuring precision, outstanding quality and ease of use – because responsibility necessitates top performance, in the field of biomedical testing.

For users like hospitals, medical device manufacturers and medical device service organizations, the instruments are suitable to perform periodical tests, test after production and tests after repair, according IEC 62353. For type testing SECULIFE electrical safety testers perform tests according IEC 60601.


SECULIFE BP PRO is a multi parameter, high precision, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) patient simulator. The unit is small, easy to use and has multiple features to fit many different applications. The SECULIFE BPPRO simulates invasive- and non-invasive blood pressure, NSR- and arrhythmic ECG waveforms, respiration, temperature and a leak rate test mode. Optional it can supply Fetal/Maternal & Cardiac Output signals. The simulator is able to use our data base and protocol software IZYTRONIQ.

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The SECULIFE IFPRO is the most compact, full featured four channel infusion pump analyzer on the market. It is a high accuracy, easy to use system that incorporates full touch screen control. With SECULIFE IFPRO “Auto Sequence” mode the user can easily create customized test procedures and store them. This allows to run specific test routines specified for various manufacturer brands and models. The analyzer is able to use our database and protocol software IZYTRONIQ.

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The SECULIFE ST BASE is an electrical safety tester for Medical Devices and Systems. The tester provides single testing and runs automatic test sequences,e.g. according IEC62353, for applications like production testing, periodical testing and testing after repair. Leakage current measurement can be made with direct, differential or alternative methods. Testing of permanently connected- and 3-phase devices can be conducted. The tester is able to use our data base and protocol software IZYTRONIQ.

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SECULIFE ST PRO is an electrical safety tester for Medical Devices & Systems.
It provides single testing and automatic test sequences, e.g. according IEC60601 & IEC62353.
Leakage current measurement methods: direct, differential, alternative.
Testing of permanently connected- and 3-phase devices can be made.
With 10 applied parts patient leakage current can be measured comfortable & fast. The housing and front are antimicrobial.
The tester is able to use our data base and protocol software IZYTRONIQ.

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