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INOVA is a worldwide operating company, offering infrastructure for Digital ORs and a cpl. Endoscopy Range. We export to whole Europe, whole South America, P.R. China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, USA and Canada. In cooperation with German-based IT company, we can offer an IP-based solution, integrated with the existing platform in place. Digital OR infrastructure, Video-over IPs, medical engineering and services. OR: 4K over IPs and preparation for 8K and 16K.

New: Introducing the new Cranio Maxilo Facial Plate and Screw Systems.
High bio compatibility of the Titanium plates, screws made of highest quality Titanium.

We offer product and maintenance trainings to our partners, so that they are able to provide the best service locally.

Products and services

INOVA supplies the necessary infrastructure for digital ORs as well as a wide range of HD endoscopes and endoscopy products in general.

We are also your partner for the highest quality endoscope parts for the most common brands. 

At www.endoscopesonline.com  you can find besides our edoscopes, optical, mechanical and electronic parts for endoscopes, as well as several tools, special glues and maintenance equipment.

New: introducing the new Cranio Maxilo Facial Plates and Screw Systems.

Cranio Maxilo Facial Plates and Screw Systems

Plates made of the highest grade Titanium. Design and quality guarantee an excellent flexibility and a very high shape stability. A big range of different plate types allows working in a wide application field.

Self-fitting screws provide an easier and faster handling as the use of the screwdriver with a screw holding device is unnecessary.

Self-drilling screws do not require pre-drilling and therefore reduce the operation time.

Instruments for Cranio-Maxilo-Facial Surgeries

The ergonomic handles and the easy handling allow a trouble free working.

Exchangeable inserts allow working with several screwdriver designs.

The integrated chuck guarantees safe holding of the screw and an exact screwing in the predrilled place.

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